Dr. Annelies Vredeveldt is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology at VU University Amsterdam. Her area of expertise is memory in legal settings. She has conducted research on topics including eyewitness memory, investigative interviewing, police reports, face recognition, own-race bias, composite construction, and deception detection. Her current research program on collaboration between eyewitnesses is funded by a prestigious Branco Weiss Fellowship.

Dr. Vredeveldt regularly serves as an expert witness in criminal cases and has served on advisory committees of the Netherlands Register of Court Experts, to establish standards and assess applications for registration as an expert witness in the field of Legal Psychology. She also investigates the evidence in closed criminal cases in her role as supervisor on Project Reasonable Doubt.

If you would like to hire Dr. Vredeveldt as an expert witness or if you are interested in exploring potential research collaborations, please feel free to contact her.