Selected grants, awards and scholarships

2019-2024 European Research Council (ERC) starting grant (€1,500,000)
Awarded to potential research leaders with an excellent research proposal.

2018-2019 Police & Science research grant – Bodycams (€84,000)
Vredeveldt, A. & Kesteloo, L. De invloed van bodycams op de bewijsvoering in strafzaken. [The effect of bodycams on evidence in criminal cases].

2013-2019 Branco Weiss Fellowship, Society in Science (CHF 500,000)
Awarded to “exceptionally qualified researchers willing to engage in a dialogue on relevant social, cultural, political or economic issues across the frontiers of their particular discipline”.

2015-2016 Police & Science research grant – Collaborative police reports (€75,000)
Vredeveldt, A., Kesteloo, L., & Van Koppen, P.J. Waarheidsvinding en gezamenlijk opgestelde processen-verbaal. [Truth-finding and collaboratively constructed police reports].

2013 Humanities Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (ZAR 150,000)
Awarded for postdoctoral research at the University of Cape Town

2012 High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group research grant ($100,572)
Vredeveldt, A., Tredoux, C.G., & Labuschagne, G.N. (2012). The effectiveness and feasibility of the Eye-Closure Interview in the South African Police Service.

2012 British Psychological Society (BPS) Social Psychology Section PhD award (£200)
Awarded for outstanding research derived from a doctoral thesis in social psychology

2012 A.W. Mellon Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (ZAR 150,000)
Awarded for postdoctoral research at the University of Cape Town

2011 American Psychology-Law Society (AP-LS) Dissertation Award: First Place ($1,000)
Awarded for scientific research and scholarship relevant to psychology and law

2011 York Alumni magazine article on “best and brightest” graduates
Selected by the Head of the Department of Psychology at University of York to feature in a special report on the most outstanding students graduating in 2011.

2010 Fulbright Visiting Scholar Grant ($3,000)
Awarded for a research visit to John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York

2010 The York Award: Researchers
Awarded for outstanding engagement in personal and professional development activities

2010 Vice-Chancellor’s Teaching Award 2009/2010 (£500)
Awarded for my “thoughtful approach to learning and teaching, attention to the range of students’ learning needs, and support for other postgraduates who teach”

2009 Departmental studentship (£29,120)
Awarded for two years of postgraduate study by the Department of Psychology at the University of York

2009 VSB Foundation scholarship (€10,000)
Awarded for postgraduate study abroad by the VSB Foundation in the Netherlands

2008 Top 3% award (€1,538)
Awarded to the best 3% of Masters students at Maastricht University

2007 UCAA Alumni Award
Awarded for the combination of social involvement and academic excellence by the University College Alumni Association

2003 International Award for Young People (Silver)
Awarded for the combination of voluntary services, personal development of new skills, physical recreation, and an adventurous journey