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News media
Does a joint make an eyewitness less reliable? (de Volkskrant, 23-05-2018)
How reliable are recovered memories? (EditieNL, in Dutch, 27-09-2017)
Murder or theft? New light on murder case Monique B. (Algemeen Dagblad, in Dutch, 06-04-2017)
A pair of witnesses can be better than one (The Wall Street Journal, 07-07-2016)
Research shows witnesses improve each other’s statements (de Volkskrant, in Dutch, 23-06-2016)
Dutch detectives are real Sherlock Holmes (NOS op 3, in Dutch, 27-08-2015)
TV interview on witness errors in Panama disappearance case (EditieNL, in Dutch, 04-08-2014)
FBI interest in Dutch study (Dagblad de Limburger, in Dutch, 26-11-2013) | English translation
Researcher presents findings to FBI (L1, in Dutch, 11-10-2013) Audio interview
Two heads know more than one (Dagblad de Limburger, in Dutch, 20-07-2013)
Help from Utrecht for FBI (De Telegraaf, in Dutch, 06-02-2013)
FBI experts get assistance (Dagblad de Limburger, in Dutch, 5-12-2012)
Witness remembers more with eyes closed (NOS, in Dutch, 3-12-2012)

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Magazines and blogs

Eyewitnesses who collaborate make fewer mistakes in interview (BPS, 24-06-2016)
‘Really, no mustache?’ Do’s & don’ts for witness interviews (Kennislink, in Dutch, 08-09-2015)
Study finds police are better observers than ordinary civilians (PsyPost, 26-08-2015)
Seeing better with your eyes shut (Maastricht University brochure, 11-07-2013)
A simple technique for improving eye-witness memory (BPS Research Digest, 12-09-2012)
York graduates: The next generation (Grapevine magazine, 16-11-2011)
Why closing your eyes and disabling other senses can help you remember. (Life Hacker, 07-10-2011)
Why do you close your eyes to remember? (Psychology Today, 07-10-2011)

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Video and audio
News item on Project Reasonable Doubt murder case (Omroep West, in Dutch, 05-04-2017))

TV interview about social influence on eyewitness memory (Over de Kop, in Dutch, 06-06-2014)

Interview by Global Institute of Forensic Research (GIFR, 24-03-2014)

TEDx talk at University of Cape Town: Do you trust your eyesight? (TEDxUCT, 28-09-2013)

Audio interview on interrogation methods  (BNR Radio, in Dutch, 21-10-2013)

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